Sheila Hyland remarks that today marks 10 years since she was last regularly on the air. Sinclair-owned WPGH-TV (53) gave up on trying to do their own 10:00 p.m. newscast and entered into an agreement with WPXI to provide a newscast. Alby Oxenreiter joined the staff at Channel 11 at that time. Both moved over to WPGH from WTAE – Oxenreiter at the time the newscast started in 1996/7, and Hyland a year or so later. One might recall Sinclair’s “News Central” from Hunt Valley, Maryland that provided some portions of Sinclair’s nightly newscasts. Some have suggested that the use of that service was the beginning of the end.

2 thoughts on “10 years ago

  1. I helped bring Alby and Sheila to WPGH. After a rocky start, we gradually built a very good news department and thanks to the tireless efforts of that great staff, the show improved dramatically. I particularly recall the tremendous work done by the staff on 9/11, also during the Que Creek Mine cave-in and the day that Three Rivers Stadium was imploded. But every day was great working next to the fine professionals we had back then.

  2. Didn’t Sheila Hyland go on KDKA for a few months after WPGH shut down their news department?

    As for a potential restart it does appear that Sinclair is hinting at such, seeing it has a news ticker now during Mark Madden’s show on WPNT.

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