The recent news of the sale of WMNY (1150 New Kensington) brought about speculation that because the principals of the two companies purchasing the station were in real estate, that 1150 would go dark and the land in Tarentum on which its towers sit would be parceled out for future development.

However, PBRTV has discovered that the soon to be owners, Radio 1150, LLC have applied for an FM translator at 95.1 to be located on the Seco Road tower in Monroeville. The application was filed on July 31 during a brief FCC filing window that happened to coincide with the proposed sale of the station.

While the speculation about the towers and land may still hold true (although moving an AM signal can be tricky) it seems that the new owners intend to stick around!



5 thoughts on “1150 has applied for a translator

  1. Interesting! As the new owners appear to be Indian I wonder if they are planning to put a Hindi Pop format on the air? This has been done in New Jersey, Toronto, and other places with a lot of Indian residents (and Monroeville would be a logical location as many have settled around the S.V. Temple.)

    It is also possible that they wish to develop housing on most but not all of the tower site. I have seen this done in the development at Southpointe around the WWCS towers in Canonsburg (frankly I would not live as close to them as some of these homes are located).

    1. Carson, you make a good point about the development. WLW in Cincinnati is facing proposed development around its Blawnox Diamond tower.

  2. Can 1150 be moved to Monroeville or a town near there? Remember when WHJB changed its city of license to Irwin because the tower site in Greensburg was too valuable to use for the four tower array? The WMNY tower site in East Deer would make a great site for additional housing units to what is already there. If I had the money, I would pay $180,000 for that land alone. That would be a good deal. Just thinking ….

  3. Those folks building homes around the WLW tower had better hope they never go back to broadcasting at 500,000 watts like they did in the 1930’s!

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