Radio Disney has sold two of its AMs – including 1250 WDDZ Pittsburgh – to Salem Media affiliates. WDDZ is sold to Salem affiliate Pennsylvania Media Associates for $1 Million. Pennsylvania Media Associates operates WORD-FM (101.5) and WPIT-AM (730). The other station sold was WDWD-AM Atlanta which goes to Salem’s South Texas Broadcasting. The price there was $2.75 Million.

Although PBRTV doesn’t typically delve into speculation, it seems likely that once the sale is final WDDZ studios will move to Greentree to be with its new sisters meaning it would be the first time in years that there wasn’t a radio station housed at 400 Ardmore Boulevard.


3 thoughts on “1250 to Salem

  1. Pittsburgh doesn’t have one of Salem’s full-time Conservative Talk formats. I could see that happening at 1250AM. WPIT could then run Religious Talk full-time with WORD-FM running Salem’s FISH format, something they try hard to roll on FM.

  2. So far 1250 is still playing Radio Disney as of Saturday morning 2-28. A Disney station just flipped in NYC yesterday to Family Stations, 1560 became WFME, 50 kw.

    Hopefully 1250 keeps the more dynamic sound quality they’ve had recently. I was hearing it on some of their ads and it sounded natural and good.


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