STAs have been filed this week to maintain silence on WMNY (1150 New Kensington) and WGBN (1360 McKeesport). The stations went silent the early part of December and the correspondence filed for each station says, “THE STATION IS SILENT DUE TO FINANCIAL AND ELECTRICAL DIFFICULTIES. IT IS EXPECTED THE STATION WILL RESUME OPERATIONS LATER THIS WEEK.”

By filing the STA, the stations can remain silent for 180 days.


4 thoughts on “1360 and 1150 on Special Temporary Authority to remain silent

  1. They would have been better off donating the stations to a community organization that really wants to serve the community. There’s nothing worse than religious broadcasters. They clog up the the airwaves spewing same garbage on every frequency. It’s especially pathetic in this case that they can’t even operate stations that were given to them

    1. Let’s not lump PTDC in with “religious broadcasters who spew garbage”. It’s only garbage to those who aren’t interested in what they have to present. To others country music is “garbage” and there are plenty of signals that carry that format around town. PTDC has been doing this format long before EMF came to town with K-Love, etc. and it just seems that they are experiencing a rough time right now.

    2. I agree with Eric on this one, J.R. Loran Mann was the first in this market to do a gospel format full-time. I was the last general manager 1150 had when it was still known as WKPA. While I hated to see the station go, I knew it was for the best. It was an albatross to Salem, which was biding its time until the ownership rules were relaxed and they were able to acquire WPIT AM/FM…their plan all along. Bishop Mann wanted it to have some relevance, and it did…though not in its community of license per se. While it’s not my musical taste, the station is doing something and it means something to someone. The church has been deluged with phone calls asking when the station is coming back on the air. Hopefully these are challenges that the station can soon overcome.

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