Alert reader Patrick notified us earlier today that WGBN (1360 McKeesport) was on the air sending a clear signal along Route 30 in North Versailles with a simulcast of WMNY (1150 New Kensington).

3 thoughts on “1360 on the air…

  1. I heard it too, on the weekend here in Greentree, with an announcement by the pastor with both frequencies mentioned.

    The signals were close to the same strength on my radio, and I think 1150 had the edge over 1360 here. Sound quality from what I could tell was about the same.

    Way to go, save the station! Like you, I wish there was more open dialog between radio people, so that there could be a more concerted effort to help improve and promote the AM band. We’re all in this together.


  2. I don’t know, I just think when you’re into something, you gotta put all you can into it, or why bother? Here we have a locally run station that’s part of a community institution, a church, and not owned by national corps, so you have the advantage of the local connection to get things done.

    To your “Fotomat” I raise you “Vinyl Records”.


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