I really wish I knew what to say when it came to the situation with WGBN. Since my posting Monday with the link to the page that says that the station resumed operations, many of you have contacted me via email, social media, and comments on the report itself to tell me that you have not heard anything coming from 1360 AM. Some have said that it is possible that they signed on for just a minute or two. And others have suggested that the station is operating at such a low power from the nighttime site in Lincoln Borough that it is not reachable in the usual places around town where the station has been received in the past. My Monday drive along Route 30 in North Versailles brought nothing more than high-pitched hums and squeals.

An attempt to reach the stations FCC attorney via email was unsuccessful and is not out of the ordinary from what we understand. PBRTV extends an invitation to station representatives to use our forum to put an end to speculation and let the community know what is going on.

Meanwhile, the “Resumption of Operations” listing at FCCdata.org has been changed from “Accepted For Filing” on Monday to “Granted” still using Monday’s date. That leads me to believe the power output is so low that it’s not covering the full coverage area.

December 9, 2016 filing