WBZW – Probably the best move CBS has made locally in several years. Looking back to 2004, I continue to think of the saying “If it ain’t broke…” But who am I? Just a lowly little non-corporate person. B-94 is back…complete with a “Christmas in October” introduction. If you ask me, they need to hurry up and get the personalities back on there.

WTZN – Probably the worst move CBS has made locally in several years. Of course, why don’t I tell you something you don’t already know? But come on, that station had no prayer! Most listeners said the talk was stale and sometimes just not gripping enough.

WPXI – In case you haven’t heard – they turned 50 this year. New studios to celebrate! Every news broadcast is in HD – which is great for those who can receive it. Many made comments that Channel 11 News was unbearable to watch with the new “Ignite!” system used for cutting to commercials and reports. We’ve seen some improvement though. Others wonder if the purpose of the Retro Television Network is to merely soak up space on the 3rd HD channel. The two 50th Anniversary specials which aired throughout the fall – one on entertainment, the other on news coverage were both well done.

WTAE – Beautiful new set is in place for when the station begins an HD broadcast. We lament the departure of Meteorologist Don Schwenneker. We understand, however, the move is better for him personally as he will be closer to family. Look for Don and his recipes on WBBM in Chicago. Some excellent old-time clips and current news items appear on WTAE’s YouTube page – one of 5 Hearst-Argyle stations to set up such a site.

KDKA-TV – Perhaps the only station of “The Big 3” not to have HD broadcast in mind…or a new set.

KDKA-Radio – Will it ever get to number 1 again? Kopler retired after 19 years in the morning news spot. Most of the old standbys have left the station over the last 5 years. The 50,000 watt (although some suspect it runs at reduced power; we can’t tell) blowtorch is suffering growing pains. New mid-day talk show host Kevin Miller got Curtis Silwa and the Guardian Angels to come to town. Miller also kept his promise of sitting in a dunk tank if Ravenstahl got elected mayor.

WSHH – The first to go “all-Christmas” this year. John Tesh holds forth overnight with information you can use cutting Delilah back down to midnight. (Tesh also shows up in the evening hours on sister station WJAS. Although many feel he doesn’t fit the target audience.)

WWSW – Got to 4th place in the 12+ category in the Summer book. A tweak of the format reveals a more Gold AC sound for the station getting away from the “oldies” the station touted for many years.

WKHB – Although denied a move to Brentwood from Irwin, the station made it to the bottom of 12+ in the Summer book. We don’t like to brag or anything, but we’d like to think that’s due to the Sunday and Monday evening programming. 🙂

WPTT – Sad year for Hoerth fans. The signal swap with WAVL seems to be dead.

WDUQ – First time any of the 3 main Publics have created controversy in years! The licensee, Duquesne University, refused $5300 in underwriting from Planned Parenthood. Duquesne felt the message countered their mission.

XM & Sirius – Talk of merger has been going on most of 2007. Many feel that the move shouldn’t happen as it would create a monopoly. Many others feel certain it will happen and some have given their blessing. Stay tuned.

2009 – The year when the PPM (Portable People Meter; not Peter, Paul and Mary) is set to hit the Pittsburgh market which could change the ratings dramatically around here if Philadelphia is any indication. (Judging from the Peter Paul and Mary website, it may be the next time they are in town too…who knows.)

Here’s to 2008 and all it may bring to Pittsburgh radio and television. Stay tuned to PBRTV for further updates…

I shouldn’t be doing this now, but anytime I get over to my “holy office” where there is a high-speed connection, I feel compeled to sit down and write something. Perhaps I should move the PBRTV World Headquarters here? But then again, I really should be writing my Annual Reports for the stuff I do here…not stuff for PBRTV. Oh well, it’s my time and I’ll do what I want to…do what I want to…do what I want to…you would too…oh nevermind!

Last week I promised you that I would post some of 2007’s best and worst nominations from readers, but I didn’t get any! Well, I did receive one – but my being told to shut up doesn’t count! So, borrowing from Pat Cloonan’s page in the McKeesport Daily News and Adrian McCoy’s Post-Gazette top 10, I have contrived my own list of 2007 Best and Worst.