You could call this a Halloween trick that was not welcome by the staff at 21 WFMJ. Both “Ohio Media Watch” and “The Vindicator” reported that an early morning fire in the basement around 4am stirred up some quick thinking. The old saying that “The Show Must Go On” definitely fits here. WFMJ staff worked quickly to get their live truck in action in order to broadcast “WFMJ Today” at 5am. The news remote was live outside the WFMJ building with Scott Schneider, Laurie Lehoskey & meteorologist Mark Monstrola reporting in a very unusual situation. The fire was contained to a records storage room & could not spread because of a concrete ceiling. It definitely could have been a lot worse than a few burnt cables. Things were back to normal around 8am, though the smell of smoke lingered inside the building for a while.