WWSW (94.5) has again reached the top spot in the truncated Pittsburgh ratings for June. That makes the fourth consecutive month for the iHeart owned station, but the number has dropped gradually since April. It sits just above sister station WDVE (102.5). WKST (96.1) is in third this month and the third iHeart station in a row. Steel City’s WRRK (96.9) drops to fourth, but with a slightly elevated share almost tying with WKST.

The Pirates good season has been good to CBS’ KDKA-FM (93.7) just above its AM counterpart at 1020.

The country race is being won by CBS’ long-time country outlet WDSY (107.9) which has been its share of competitors for decades. Its closest competitor is iHeart’s WPGB (104.7) which appears to be closing the gap in the race. Of course that doesn’t include the Froggy stations at 104.3, 103.5, 94.9 and translator 105.5 who does not get a report from Nielsen.

Speaking of stations who aren’t reported, it’s our guess that Renda’s WSHH (99.7) is close to the top of the ratings in Pittsburgh if twin sister WEJZ in Jacksonville is any indication. Renda’s two stations in the market receive Neilsen reports and WEJZ has topped those ratings for the last several months. The comparison may not be perfect as Pittsburgh is market #26 while Jacksonville is #50.

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  1. As I told Marshall Adams at KDKA and Clear Channel a long time ago, it’s time to pull Star—100.7’s format and put news radio KDKA 1020’s signal on that channel. I don’t know if it was stubborness or economics that has kept them from doing that.

      1. Could they not apply for a change in call letters for the FM? Could they not attempt to move the city of license for 100.7 to Pittsburgh, especially given the transmitter is located on WPXI’s tower?

        1. Not as easy as you might think. And 100.7 is not on WPXI’s tower, they are on the Crowne Tower across I-279 from WPXI. 100.7 is “tight spaced” in the area as it protects 100.5 WOMP just over the Ohio border. As I understand it, the tower location is the furthest west 100.7 is allowed to go without creeping on 100.5’s territory.

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