We lost “Uncle Dougie” Doug Hoerth 5 years ago. Here is one of his more memorable moments with thanks to Phil Lenz…


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    1. Doug was an excellent talk host and interviewer. He knew how to blend serious topics and total nonsense into a very entertaining show. It’s a shame that radio ownership doesn’t have much regard for talent or loyalty. Pittsburgh talk radio lost a good friend when Doug died of a broken heart. Larry Gerson, former production director 31 years at WTAE.

  1. I liked Hoerth’s show, but I hated that call. He ridiculed an old lady who was obviously given the talk show number when she wanted the WTAE office number. More cruel than funny.

  2. I was lucky to work with Doug at KQV, WTAE and WPTT. A practitioner of the lost art of the entertaining general interest talk show. Whether it was a porn star or a senator– Doug always got the best out of his guests –and his callers. I can still hear his infectious laugh and the “let me hear the band!” as the bumper music led up to news time. He really was one of a kind–and those of us who love great radio are poorer without him.

  3. Yesterday, ironically at exactly 3:00pm I was in my car listening to SiriusXM 60’s on 6 and heard Hello, Hello, begin and felt like his show was just beginning. May be his way of saying “Hello” to all of us. Oh Yea!

  4. He was certainly unique. We may never understand what prompted management at KDKA to think that Michelle Madoff could do a better job.

  5. I agree and concur with John Poister’s comments. He was on the mark about Uncle Douggie’s talent. “Rick from Mt. Washington”(as my moniker went) is one of many who miss him.

  6. Uncle Dougie was truly one-of-a-kind. Despite his “desperately trying to look famous”, his brand of entertainment wasn’t gratuitous or sensational – it was honest. Since his departure from the airwaves, I’ve hardly listened to any talk radio. I keep hoping that, one day, someone will be cleaning out an obscure closet at one of his former stations and stumble across a box of tapes of his show. It would be great to hear him and Lawrence (or Darryl) again.

  7. It was my mom who listened to Uncle Dougie on 1360 in the afternoons, so I’d overhear his show. She seemed to like that he was a little more ‘racey’ than ‘Bogut in the morning’. I liked his sayings at signoff, like ‘I see by the clock on the wall there’s a fly’.

    At certain times of the year the station would go to night power on his show, and you could hardly hear the station in Greentree.


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