News from our friends at reports a format change that may attract some Erie area listeners. Canadian station CING 95.3 from Hamilton, Ontario recently flipped formats from country to classic hits of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s as “The New 95.3”. The very powerful signal was serving both Toronto and Hamilton with the region’s only country signal, especially a few months after “820 CHAM” flipped from country to talk. The new station which covers Erie quite well with 100,000 watts could fill a void for those missing the former “Froggy 94.7” which was mostly 60’s and 70’s with some 80’s in the mix. Most listeners probably were not even aware of the station in it’s country days with Erie having its own country battle between “Country 98”, “93.9 The Wolf” and to some extent “Froggy 100.3.” This however could be bad news for North East / Erie oldies outlet WYNE 1530 with it’s limited AM signal though it has a great presence online at