Friday Morning Quarterback catches up with Alex Tear, operations manager at Clear Channel’s Pittsburgh FMers WKST-FM (96.1) and WWSW-FM (94.5). (FMQB incorrectly calls the latter station “WWWS.” Take two Buffalo wings, FMQB, and call us in the morning.)

Tear says that 3WS, which has transitioned from oldies to “classic hits,” has a strong “passion to win.” A self-professed “rock guy,” he says “expanding into another format was great. You will always apply the basic fundamentals, but you need to zero in on the lifestyle and needs of that audience real quick. The on-air staff is great and takes direction well.”

He says he doesn’t mean to sound like a “suit,” but “ratings and revenue” are his biggest rewards. Well, they do make the world go ’round, we hear, at least in radio.