Dear Readers and Friends of PBRTV:

What can I say other than “Thank You”? Well, I suppose I can thank you for your support during the pledge drive over the last month-and-a-half. This year we raised $500 which is 83% of the goal I had in mind for 2017, but we still achieved the goal of paying for webhosting for the next 3 years! We won’t have to renew the webhosting again until 2020! Even if you didn’t contribute this year, but have in the past couple, thank you! Enough about the fund drives for now, but we may hold others sooner than 3 years and chip away at future years worth of webhosting. Eh… more on that in a year or two!

As you know, I “painted” the site recently which was a part of the plan if we achieved the 3-year renewal goal. I am also working, as time allows, on getting the station listings updated as well as adding and reorganizing information. All in good time, my friends. But the main purpose is to keep bringing news of current radio and TV events in the region.

Of course you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Let me also note that while many people are shying away from their own website and focusing their efforts on strictly social media sites, I feel that doing this causes an organization, business, whatever to lose its identity. With a website of one’s own, you can do what you want with it and not what some algorithm wants to do with it. Social media is, however, a great supplement to a website.

Again, thank you for 18 1/2 years so far (PBRTV will be 19 in October!). Here’s to many more years together.

Eric O’Brien