(Mini-commentary from Jason Togyer)

The proposed sale of Clear Channel Communications to a private-equity firm will apparently clear the U.S. Justice Department, if the company sells off radio stations in four markets.

Anti-trust regulators said earlier this month that CC must sell its stations in Cincinnati, Houston, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

(The Mighty Blog of Fun known as Ohio Media Watch has some speculation on what might happen in the Queen City, where the Xavier Musketeers smacked around our Duquesne Dukes last night.)

Those aren’t the only Clear Channel stations that are expected to go. The new owners are planning to divest hundreds of Clear Channel properties. All of the company’s TV stations and 161 radio stations are already under sale agreements, pending FCC approval.

But that’s left about 300 radio stations outside of Arbitron’s Top 100 markets still up for sale.

About a year ago, I cut this spot to help out Clear Channel. I think it’s still good.

Oh, and Mr. Mays? No need to thank me.

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