This past Wednesday (May 27th) I finally had the opportunity to meet a couple of great people who have a couple of great media related websites. While I knew that Scott Fybush of would be stopping up to the WQLN studios that day, I was really surprised when “Old Akronite” of “The Mighty Blog of Fun” was also with him. Both were in Erie to check out the area TV and radio facilities but mostly to see what was left of the now former WSEE TV studios which have since moved into the WICU studios. We spoke mostly about the nationwide layoffs in media occuring across the country as well as radio and digital TV. I could tell right away that both men loved reporting media related news on the web where you are more likely to read about a media related event than see or hear a station talk about news, especially when it comes to layoffs inside their own building. It was certainly a pleasure to meet two creative geniuses and hopefully we can get together for lunch next time on my dime.