This PBRTV Correspondent supports the troops, but I also support accurate news reporting. So I’m not sure what to make of reports this morning from KDKA (1020) reporter Rob Milford from the scene of an anti-war demonstration at a CMU robotics lab in Lawrenceville. Milford couldn’t understand why they were protesting, he said, since the lab develops technology that “helps save American lives” in Iraq and makes bombing runs more accurate.

His report came complete with heavy, exaggerated sighs. Speaking only for myself, I’m not sure that a protest at a CMU robotics lab makes a lot of sense. But a majority of Americans aren’t sure the war in Iraq makes a lot of sense, either. “Maybe I’m biased,” Milford, a former Fox News and CBS reporter who reported from the front lines in Iraq, said at one point.

Yes, Rob, with due respect — we think maybe you’re biased, too. If you want a talk show, ask for a talk show. If you want to do commentary, do commentary. But news reports don’t need such theatrics. (Mini-commentary by Jason Togyer, PBRTV Correspondent)