Welcome to the new PBRTV.com. As you can see, we were able to port over the 1600 or so posts spanning from March 2007 – May 2012. That may sound easy, but believe me it’s not. At least it doesn’t require a pack mule! Unfortunately, we were not able to bring the “enhancements” with us. Those being your comments and conversations on each post over the years. But we feel confident that the archive of the postings are more important than anything. And, of course, you may feel free to comment on them again.

So where do we go from here?

If you did not read the letter I posted prior to the switch, I will sum it up by saying that throughout the course of the summer, I will be rebuilding this site from the ground up. I will be taking the time to go through page by page to edit the information and “bring it up to code” so that it’s current.

Again, and most importantly, I ask your patience and understanding. It will take me time to almost single-handedly re-do the vast number of pages. I hope to have a soft “grand-reopening” around the middle of September.

In the meantime I am grateful to the efforts of Tom Schroll whose Skymagik Internet Services hosted PBRTV.com for several years. He continues to host our Domains and has been nothing but helpful and gracious during this switch, despite us moving from his servers. Thanks also to Jason Togyer. Without his prodding and groundwork years ago, PBRTV would still be a pretty lame website on a Tripod page somewhere!

News updates will now continue as normal (well, as normal as possible). Now sit back and watch as the pages are (re)added throughout the summer.

All the best!


2 thoughts on “A new era for PBRTV

  1. Now that the first visible to us in the bleachers step has been taken……….Carry On! Your efforts will not go un-noticed or unappreciated. 🙂


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