If you have tried to place a comment on PBRTV and you end up getting redirected to a site which tells you “Spammers Suck”, don’t panic. A few years ago, we had to implement a security question for commenters on posts 5 days old or older due to the massive amounts of spam we were receiving. A week or two ago, we had to reduce the number of days from 5 down to 1 in order to block the inordinate (more than “massive”) amounts of spam we were receiving.  

Alert Reader Albert alerted us that there seemed to be a discrepancy in the comment security. While the security question still shows up on posts 5 days old or older, it is not showing up on posts 1-5 days old… so you will, unfortunately, be redirected to the spammers suck site. We are looking into this issue and will let you know more as we know it. Thank you for your patience and support – and please feel free to send us some e-mail!