A sad trend has occured on the Erie airwaves in 2007. You can call Erie one of the markets that has decided to simply forget that there is a demographic over age 45.

In the span of a few months beginning in January, Erie lost it’s FM Oldies station, a “Music of Your Life” AM station and an AM Oldies station that replaced the FM Oldies station for a short time.

All of a sudden, listeners who were used to having their music on local radio were told that they were simply not important to corporate station owners any longer. They had to search the dial for out of town alternatives like “Oldies 1150” or “AM 740” from Canada.

And yes, Bill Shannon @ Mercyhurst North East has put Oldies on WYNE 1530. While it’s a daytime only station, I give him a hell of a lot of credit for putting the format back on with some rare gems you probably would not hear on the former “Froggy 94.7.” Erie still hasn’t even tested the waters in the HD Radio world or they could find an alternative location for either an Oldies or MOYL station on an HD-2 stream.

If your parents are frustrated with the lack of older music on the local airwaves as I am, it might be a good idea to introduce them to Satellite Radio & buy them a subscription.