On tonight’s Jimmy Kimmel Show (12:05 AM; ABC – WTAE-TV (4)) the musical performance will be by the All-For-Nots which features Ambridge High School grad Erica Harsch on drums. According to the Beaver County Times, the group is “like a modern day Monkees” in that they are a “reality-blurring band” which got their start on a much hyped web-based program. They could also be seen weekly on a 15-minute program on Satellite TV’s HD Net.

Harsch plays a very shy Amish woman adapting her life to being on the road with an indie-rock band. You can find her on the website (sorry no link available) in a “short” called “The Shtop” where she walks into a Sheetz and becomes confused about how to order an ‘M-T-O’.