Sorry, I don’t have any ideas for future sit-coms set in Pittsburgh. It looks like all the good ones have been taken. That said, I too find that “Back to You” has merit. The pilot episode is about as good as a pilot can get – a cliffhanger or two never hurts and this has a few.

But, like Denny Pompa commented about WKRP in Jason’s review, we may eventually find out that this is a sit-com about people who happen to work in a TV station in Pittsburgh. Most of the sneek previews available on the internet focused on the scenes within the fictional WURG. In actuality, much of the story took place away from the station. That could change as time goes on – but that was one thing I noticed.

My other pet peeve was one I noticed more in a publicity photo online. The backdrop of Pittsburgh on the news set is at least two years old. Look carefully next time. How long has it been since FreeMarkets became Ariba? Well, at “WURG” it’s still FreeMarkets. Oh and how long has it been since Highmark put its name on top of Fifth Avenue Place? It’s not on the backdrop at “WURG.” Of course, chances are neither are on the backdrop at WPXI either, but who really has time to pay attention to that detail? (We’ll just imagine that it’s up-to-date at the new studios for now, ok?)

Dissing the fictional news set aside, I will be waiting for next week’s episode.