A few months ago, I purchased a Myine Internet Radio on Ebay and shared my thoughts about it. While a great radio, it did not have a few stations I wanted to listen to on it since they were not available on http://vtuner.com which works with that radio. I did some research and found a radio that had more of the stations I was looking for and more. I checked out http://www.ccrane.com/ and found a the C. Crane CWF Internet Radio. It has more to offer including internet music services Pandora and Aupeo you can play through the radio. In addition, you can play your music files from your computer. The radio itself works with http://www.reciva.com/ and provides an easier way to add stations to their website. You can add 99 preset stations unlike the Myne which has only 40. There is also more flexibility with playing the radio since the unit has its own speaker or you can hook it up to your stereo plus you can use it with WIFI or plug it in directly into your modem or router. Either unit would be much cheaper than having several satellite radios around the house and has alot more variety than what is on Sirius / XM. In addition, you can listen to some AM station webstreams after they either go off the air or reduce power. In my case, a few stations like WYNE 1530 are now available to me 24 hours a day.