Sep 04 2016

Antkowiak leaves again…

After 7 years at a second stint at KDKA-TV (2), Jennifer Antkowiak is leaving the station on September 12. No word on what she plans to do, but the decision was made as she sends her son off to college. She previously started at KDKA in 1993 and left in the mid-2000s to start a multimedia company. Prior to KDKA, Antkowiak worked briefly at WPXI (11).



  1. David

    Who wants to bet that Wendy Bell magically gets out of her non compete clause and moves to KDKA?

  2. Frank

    Wendy is damaged goods in this market. As pointed out elsewhere the CBS suits would never approve her hiring.

  3. John

    I think there’s more here than what we’re being told. For Jennifer to leave without much if any fanfare is odd. So OK, someone come clean and tell us what’s really the reason for Jennifer leaving.

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