The Winter Phase 1 Arbitrends are out for Pittsburgh with some surprises. (Remember this is 12+…still impressive but doesn’t mean a whole lot. It’s also a trend…not a book.) WSHH has pushed its way into 3rd place pushing long-standing WDSY down a notch to 4th. The margin is nearly half a point. WWSW and WRRK are headed toward the bottom of the top 10 again. In fact, this is WRRK’s lowest showing since the flip to “Bob-FM” in 2005. Still on an uphill climb is WBZW (The new “B-94”) which is showing better than any of the previous books.

Showing up at the bottom of the list are Morgantown’s WCLG-FM and Sharon PA’s WYFM-FM. Surprised? Yeah, so was I.

Thanks to R&R.