Arbitron’s semi-demi-quasi-part-XVII trends released today show little change in the Pittsburgh radio scene.

The top stations among listeners 12 and older were WDVE-FM (102.5), KDKA (1020) and WDSY-FM (107.9).

The top-rated morning shows among listeners 54 and older remain KDKA’s “Is John Cigna still on?” followed by WJAS’s “Jack Bogut” and WDVE’s “Jimmy Krenn and the other guy, not Paulsen.”

WDVE continued its ratings dominance despite broadcasting nothing but a steady 1-kilohertz tone for hours on end. That news drove three members of the programming staff at CBS Radio’s Pittsburgh FM cluster to drink poison.

Insiders say CBS Radio management in New York will not fill the local vacancies.

A Clear Channel spokesman credited WDVE’s continuing success to the station’s long heritage in the market, and to the mind-altering drugs that have coated “WDVE Rocks” window stickers for more than 20 years.

In a related story, due to a transmitter malfunction, WPTT (1360) has also been broadcasting nothing but a 1-kilohertz tone for hours on end.

Arbitron figures indicate there has been no measurable effect on WPTT’s ratings, either.