Over the past few days, I have decided to no longer pay an extra 5 dollars a month with Dish for local Erie stations I can get very well off the antenna for free. With the antenna in my area near Cochranton, I can get several digital stations from Erie, Youngstown and Pittsburgh. I know to some this may sound old fashioned and not worth the effort but how can you pay for local digital stations that come in just as clear if not clearer over the air. The late Jack Tirak definitely had a point here and I wish he could see the clarity he pushed for on his former Erie Media Go Round blog. Of course, over the air reception issues may not favor this for some readers but are you leaning towards or are no longer paying for locals through Dish or Directv? (for our Youngstown readers who have locals on both.) We’d like to know that or are you satisfied with exclusive digital OTA reception if you do not have cable or satellite.