WJET TV 24 / DT 58 has posted an ad in the Erie Times-News seeking a replacement co-anchor to compliment the station’s current male anchor, Sean Lafferty. The station is losing current female anchor Karla Mullenax for a job opportunity at Gannon University. Among those who are currently on Jet, WSEE TV 35 or WICU TV 12, who would you pick to be Sean Lafferty’s co-anchor? Meanwhile, WSEE has yet to unveil it’s soon to be new co-anchor for it’s 6 and 11 pm newscast. Pat Van Zandt is also leaving the airwaves to work at Therapy Dogs United. For the most part, there have been a lot of changes in the Erie TV market when it comes to news. Jack Tirak has addressed this several times and realized that Erie is more or less a stepping stone for reporters and sometimes anchors to gain experience in Erie & move on to larger markets. In fact, I can see several former Erie newspeople on Youngstown (Talia Hagler & Dave Sess) or Pittsburgh stations (Kevin Benson & at one time Scott Baker). Others have moved to Cleveland (Brian Duffy & A.J. Colby) or Buffalo (Rob Macko) in recent times. Do you think that stability when it comes to Erie TV news is a thing of the past? I really think it is, but let me know what you think.