The Columbia office of the FCC passed through the Connellsville area after the Fayette County 911 reported an unauthorized radio transmission on 155.190 MHz on July 18. On August 28, the FCC cited Jonathan M. Campbell with operation of the illegal transmission which posed a threat to emergency communications. According to the letter sent to him, Mr. Campbell admitted to the fact that he had no authorization to operate said station.

5 thoughts on “Avast ye Pirates!

  1. Why on that frequency? Common sense should have told him that was a police scanner frequency, and yeah, I too would expect Fayette County 911 to make a stink of it! And Bob, I think it’s more of a raised eyebrow than a frown from the FCC nowadays…lol.

  2. Especially one at 155 MHz that few people are likely to ever hear. Awfully bad luck for him that the FCC just happened to be cruising through Connellsville that day.

    1. It wasn’t a coincidence. They were notified. That happens when you tell fire trucks that their call has been canceled, etc.

  3. What an odd frequency. Was this some poorly tuned Crane FM throwing some sort of harmonics or something, maybe?

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