There’s a move afoot to rescue the Pittsburgh-set sitcom “Back to You” from its cancellation by the Fox network.

According to TV Week, the producers are pitching the show to CBS, arguing that the program was never a good fit for Fox anyway.

(Over a year ago, Terry Hazlett of the Washington Observer-Reporter said the same thing, noting Fox’s long history of developing funny sitcoms … and then canceling them. Maybe someone in Hollywood should spring for a subscription to the O-R … or at least read PBRTV.)

Meanwhile, there’s also an online petition you can sign to save the show.

It’s questionable whether online petitions amount to much, or that “Back to You” has a fan base as devoted as the CBS drama “Jericho,” which earned a temporary reprieve from cancellation.

CBS is expected to announce its fall schedule next week. Kelsey Grammer, who starred in “Back to You” with Patricia Heaton, told the Associated Press that he spoke personally to the network’s CEO, Les Moonves, about saving the show.

“He was not completely discouraging,” Grammer quipped.

“Back to You” was a stylistic throwback to 1980s or ’90s sitcoms, and it wasn’t really breaking any ground that hadn’t already been plowed by “WKRP in Cincinnati,” “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “NewsRadio,” among other shows.

On the other hand, Grammer and Heaton were engaging, the stories were well-told, and the writing was witty although it wasn’t particularly daring. In fact, “Back to You” was one of the few consistently funny shows that debuted this season.

The real puzzler is why Fox canceled “Back to You” and renewed its stinky lead-in, the stridently unfunny Brad Garrett sitcom “‘Til Death.”

I watched a couple of episodes of “‘Til Death,” and frankly, by the time each half hour ended, I was longing for death myself.