From the better late than never department … numerous sources report that CBS Radio last week let go Jim Meltzer, vice president and general manager of the Pittsburgh FM cluster.

CBS’s Pittsburgh FMs are “B-94” WBZW-FM (93.7), “Star 100.7” WZPT-FM, and “Y-108” WDSY-FM (107.9).

Meltzer is just one casualty of a nationwide Eye ‘Net bloodbath that also included the PDs of three of its New York stations and stations in Sacramento, Dallas, Cleveland and Las Vegas; the promotions directors of WCBS-FM and WFAN; a morning host in Phoenix; and a vice-president in Chicago.

Scott Fybush is reporting that at least 200 employees were pink-slipped by CBS Radio in all.

Man, whatta business. Our deepest sympathies to the victims.

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