Wendy-Bell-jpgFTV Live reports that Wendy Bell, who came under fire for a Facebook post regarding the Wilkinsburg ambush shooting several weeks back, and WTAE have parted ways. Bell was highly regarded at the station, but a Facebook post last week that had been perceived by many as being racist changed that. The post was corrected and Bell apologized before taking the post down altogether. Comments from supporters and those who rallied against Bell flooded the Facebook page which has now been removed. There had been a rumor that Bell was “on vacation” and would return today. However today Bell’s bio has been removed from the WTAE website. Bell was with the station for 18 years.

1 thought on “Bell out after Facebook post

  1. Foolish Political Correctness is what is destroying the country.
    The land of the free has turned into a fraud.
    We can’t simply shout down and get everyone fired we don’t agree with.
    We’ve turned into a society of sniveling crybabies!

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