After spending a year at Boston’s WEEI, Tim Benz is back in town. Benz worked at WXDX (105.9) and WBGG (970) before departing for Beantown. He quit the WEEI gig by his own choice citing that his wife and child remained in Pittsburgh. “I underestimated the difficulties that go along with working a job in one city while trying to maintain a home and marriage in another,” he wrote in a tweet.

Meanwhile Benz has joined Ken Laird and Guy Junker on their 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. weekday program on Trib Live Radio. He will also host the Steelers’ post game programs on their radio network. Although Benz is a Boston native, he is an unapologetic Steelers fan.

Boston Globe

2 thoughts on “Benz returns to Pittsburgh

  1. I mean absolutely NO offense to Mr. Benz…but DUH!

    One reason I got out of radio two decades plus ago was the possibility of uprooting a family to move to the next big market.

    Glad to have him back though!

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