Tim Benz returned to the morning show at WXDX-FM (105.9) today. This after signing off last Friday when a debate on gun control got to be too much for the host. Benz supports gun control and mentioned so on the air after learning about a giveaway a local gun shop had featuring ammunition and a high-profile gun. The show received many callers who were against gun control.

Benz told both Pittsburgh newspapers that this was a radio station issue and that it needed to be addressed on the air.


1 thought on “Benz returns to The X

  1. Please pardon the pun, but stick to your guns, Tim. No one needs an AK weapon or a magazine that can fire off dozens of rounds at one time. Most of those who opposed gun control are bitter white males who blame all their life’s disappointments on minorites. To them, the gun the their answer to the Great White Hope.

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