KDKA-TV is losing its Westmoreland County chief at the end of the week. Mary Berecky will give up her position at the end of the week as she finalizes plans for her wedding. Although she won’t be leaving the area, Berecky will be moving out of Westmoreland County and is opting not to make the commute. A Pittsburgh native, she tells the PG that she is happy that the station gave her the opportunity to come home in 1997. Prior to her homecoming, Mary worked at WDTV in Clarksburg, WV (does anyone else spot the irony in that?) as well as KGAN in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Berecky will miss all the people in Westmoreland County that she has come to know over the years. She is still particularly grateful to the viewers who reached out to her when she became a part of the news after being attacked at a self-serve car wash in 2002. “That really did pull me through a very difficult time. I was touched,” she said. Her attacker got a 50- to 100-year sentence.

In the PG interview, Berecky admits that she is going to miss the job. “Walking away from television is tough. It’s a big part of who I am, it’s your identity.”