With just over a year before the shut of date of analog TV, Best Buy is the first to sell the Digital to Analog converter boxes. (This is according to the Best Buy website.) These boxes will help those who plan on using their current analog TV after the analog shut off date of February 17th, 2009. The Insignia converter box is first in the marketplace for those who have ordered the $40.00 coupons in order to offset the regular price of a converter box. The Insignia box is $59.99 but with the $40.00 coupon, the price drops to $19.99 + Tax. You can order up to 2 coupons at www.dtv2009.gov until March 31st 2009. Coupons that have been already ordered should start being sent out by February 17th. Note: Thanks to a tipster for correcting my mistake by noting that the coupon program expires on March 31, 2009 (or while money for the program lasts.)