In April, Broadcast Communications, Inc. closed on two stations owned by He’s Alive, Inc. – WRIJ (106.9 Masontown PA) and WKJL (88.1 Clarksburg, WV). Now owners Robert and Ashley Stevens are awaiting FCC approval to swap those stations for WDKL (95.9 Grafton WV) and its translator W237CX (95.3 Bridgeport WV) from Educational Media Foundation. In addition to the value of the WDKL properties EMF will pay BCI $20,000 and subsidiary Broadcast Educational Communications $25,000. Meanwhile BCI awaits FCC approval for the purchase of WRWJ (88.1 Murrysville) from He’s Alive for $75,000.

(Trib – McKeesport Daily News)

2 thoughts on “Broadcast Communications expands

  1. WRWJ 88.1 Has a Strong Signal in the North and East Suburbs Making it
    a good Repeater for WYZR 88.1,

  2. That’s what I thought right away too, getting another 88.1 it would be just one frequency to promote. I thought they should have looked into for WDDZ 1250, there’s nothing wrong with jazz on AM, it’s right here in the center of the city where they need to be and 24 hours at full power. Add AM stereo and rock and roll! Er.. blow them horns at least. Oh well, water under the bridge, but a thought for the future anyway.


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