Bob Bruce and Newlin Archinal will officially be together again, but not on television. Bruce will be retiring from his TV work next week to focus solely on a side venture he was been working on for a number of years – a Wexford-based consulting business called Integrity Wealth Consulting LLC which is affiliated with Commonwealth Financial Network.

Bruce made the decision to leave television on his own. His current contract is up at the end of the year but his last day is next Friday. He joined the station in 1996 after working in a few other markets, but actually began working on his business plan two years later when he first became a financial planner and worked with several firms downtown. His own office opened seven years ago. Bruce tells the Post-Gazette that he has no plan on missing the TV business.

Meanwhile, Archinal knew before she was let go from WPXI that she wanted to change her career direction.  She has spent the last two years taking classes and getting the licenses necessary to work in personal finance. She has been working with Bruce since earlier this year as a retirement planner.

After the first of the year, Bruce and Archinal expect to use their television expertise to create some videos for the company’s website and eventually there may be some television appearances.

Meanwhile, Rob Owen speculates that Todd McDermott may be a replacement for Bruce, but the announcement has not been made.