Call Sign Cavalcades

Years ago before the blog format, PBRTV had the Call Sign Cavalcade which listed as many former callsigns as people could remember. That was before most of the information was made available online and we had to rack our brains. Then the FCC made the records public, but the information went only as far back as 1980 when computer records began to be kept. Now, the FCC is in the process of making the index cards prior to 1980 available on the station records… even for deleted stations. The information, while still not entirely available, is about as accurate as it will get or as anyone is willing to research. When this idea was restarted, not all AM station cards had been scanned and PBRTV’s research was paused until the rest of the information was made available. Frequency changes are also noted. The Hyperlinks will take you to the history cards associated with that station’s license dating back to its start.

FM stations will be listed as their history cards become available.

Pittsburgh AM Call Sign Cavalcade

Ohio Valley AM Call Sign Cavalcade

Mahoning/Shenango Valleys AM Call Sign Cavalcade