A Skokie, Ill., company has applied for a license to build a TV station in Hawaii. That’s not news. What is news is that the Friendly Candy Company approved the call letters “KUNT.”

Yeah, that’s the same FCC that nearly went into apoplexy when Janet Jackson’s nipple was visible for 1/10th of a second.

The licensee of KU … er, the new station … tells a columnist for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin that they didn’t mean to offend anyone, and that “we will file to change those call letters immediately.” They claim the call sign was an accident; they have since changed the calls to KHIW.

I hate to doubt their sincerity, but they also own a station called KWTF in Arizona. I guess they just “randomly” received two vulgar call signs. WTF, indeed.

Have they applied for any licenses east of the Mississippi? If not, I just checked, and WANK is still available. It seems appropriate.

Get grandma out of the room before you read this, and all of you easily offended types should go read Tower Site of the Week and skip this item.

For the rest of you, read on, if you dare …