Former WTAE-TV and KDKA-TV anchor man Don Cannon was arrested in California Tuesday night for failure to report for his sentence of house arrest in two separate DUI cases. Cannon (whose real name is Donald J. Clark) pleaded guilty to the two cases of DUI in 2007.

Cannon moved to Carlsbad, California sometime after his guilty plea an was supposed to start serving his sentence last month yet failed to do so. Allegheny County contacted police in Carlsbad on Tuesday asking for assistance in Cannon’s arrest. Ironically, Cannon had recently been arrested on another DUI charge and had been in court earlier that day. He is being held without bond in the San Diego County Jail pending extradition to Pittsburgh.


11/21/09 UPDATE: Cannon’s attorney, Patrick Thomassey, told the Post-Gazette on Friday that he was to be released from police custody in California that day. Thomassey said, “He was expecting to serve the [93 days] house arrest there, and it just didn’t happen, so the judge issued a warrant for his arrest.” He continued that it isn’t unusual for a sentence to be transferred to other jurisdictions but that Cannon didn’t follow up. There were many reasons – and not entirely his fault. Cannon will not be extradited, but is returning voluntarily for a December 18 court appearance.