Cardille (WJAS Photo)
Cardille (WJAS Photo)

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance Hall of Fame (KSWA) will hold thei annual Joe Abby Tournament and Hall of Fame ceremony this Saturday. Among this year’s inductees will be the “Voice of Studio Wrestling” Bill Cardille. Cardille spent many years interviewing and hosting Studio Wrestling on Channel 11 (then WIIC). Cardille remains on the air at WJAS-AM (1320).

Other 2014 inductees include “Jumpin” Johnny DeFazio and “Cannonball”/”Masked Marvel” Chuck Martoni.

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2 thoughts on “Cardille inducted into wrestling hall of fame

  1. My sister and I told once her two oldest kids about how we watched Studio Wrestling, followed by the syndicated Lawrence Welk Show (“the champagne bubbles”), on Saturday nights. I think they looked at us as if we were from Mars (the planet, not the Butler County hamlet).

    Honestly, though, I have fond memories of watching Studio Wrestling, listening to Bill Cardille and the catchy “El Capitan” that served as tje opening the closing theme. Congrats are in order for Chilly Billy, Jumping Johnny and the Cannonball.

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