Cardille (WJAS Photo)
Cardille (WJAS Photo)

We got word from Lori Cardille this afternoon that Bill “Chilly Billy” Cardille is dealing with health issues…

“My dear father, Chilly Billy, Bill Cardille, received a cancer diagnosis that will be quite challenging to say the least. His spirits are tremendous which is not a surprise. I thought it would be nice for dad to know how you enjoyed him during your childhood years or any years for that matter. I want him to feel the love that he so freely gave during his lifetime. Even just a card. You can send it to: Chilly Billy, c/o Century Communications 313 East Carson Street , Pgh. Pa, 15219

Thank you friends. It will mean so much to dad. Please send this along to anyone you know that loved my dad. With a grateful heart, Lori Cardille”


9 thoughts on “Cards for Chilly Billy

  1. Chilly Billy Cardille,

    You were a part of my childhood and adulthood watching Chiller Theatre on saturday nights with my brothers and sister.

    Please know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers during your health crisis. I have worked in Health Care Administration for the last 15 years, so there are many moving parts involved to ensure that a patient receives the best care from all departments. I pray that the providers caring for you are patient-centric and your well being is the utmost importance.

    Hoping you are feeling well very soon. Thank you for filling my childhood and adulthood with great memories.

    Again, you are in my thoughts and prayers,
    Regina Robinson

  2. Pittsburgh needs you, Bill…please get well soon…not only was I a fan of “Chiller Theater” growing up in Pgh…..but I played your radio show from New Kensington in my dental office….listening for the commercials for “Friendly Fred” Harris…my brother-in-law…

  3. As a younger pup I’d get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and look downstairs to see mom in the all dark room with our black and white TV on, watching the weird old movies.

    Later on I got to stay up and see them too and learned about characters like Terminal Stare, and things like the Pittsburgh Subway System, PSS, long before our real subway actually opened! I’d imagine people visiting our fair city of Pittsburgh and watching TV at a hotel late at night, and thinking the subway was a real thing!

    A friend of mine was in a background shot on Night Of The Living Dead. He lived in Evans City and was 16, watching Chiller Theater when a casting call went out one night, that shooting was going to start nearby, so he and a friend walked there to check it out.




    SUE B.

  5. When you know a man like Bill Cardille for over 50 years, as I\’ve know him, you can sit at a keyboard write volumes about how special a person he is. For now though I\’ll muster my energy to send him healing and peaceful thoughts as this super strong man battles illness. My family and I are looking forward to having Bill\’s smile and wonderful persona shine on us again soon. It\’s one of our life\’s blessings. We love you Bill.

    Mark, Allison, Jason and Marissa Barash

  6. Wow, how sad and so sorry to hear it. Just his name takes me back to my childhood and my two goofy brothers (one older and one younger) and myself and my sister in which Chilly Billy Cardilly was on TV every Saturday in our house! The boys loved the horror and gore that was shown and my sister and I hid our faces from the worse stuff but his show was unmissable if you were a kid growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s which we were! I wish you better and thanks for the memories…didn’t he also show the 3 Stooges too? My brothers still quote them as if they were quoting the Bible! Yuk, Yuk, Yuk. Evira too was on his show, right?? I live in London now but many fond memories from that time and Chilly Billy was one of the staples…George Romeros probably got his ideas from him!

  7. Bill, you are a Pittsburgh icon. Along with Mr Rogers, the Steelers and such favorites. You were part of so many lives during your broadcasts on Saturdays nights. I’m sure there were a bunch of parents who had kids suffering from nightmares after watching your movies.. and I watched every Sat. night . I grew up with you and still remember your show. It’s part of my life and history of life in Pittsburgh. I now live in the San Francisco Bay area, but every time I see a classic horror film from the 60-70’s, I still think of you!
    I’m praying for your recovery and asking God to please watch over you during this rough time in your life. Remember, Pittsburgh has the best hospitals and doctors and everyone will take excellent care of you. You have so many friends wishing you the best and saying prayers for you.
    Saying a novena to St. Jude for you Bill. Get well soon.

  8. Whether TV or radio Bill Cardille is a true professional. He bounced back from heart ailments and I pray he makes another comeback. My only regret is not having a conversation with him. Just a quick hello as he was ushered into the air studio to interview with Doug Hoerth. I’d watch through the glass, pot up the air fader and take a break from production to hear Bill and Doug talk old times. Late Saturday afternoon, dinner tray and grandpa we were ready for studio wrestling complete with back row audience wooden heads and Ringside Rosie up front. Bill’s great interviews with my favorites, Bruno, George the Animal Steel, Gorilla Monsoon, Bo Bo Brazil, 610 lb Haystacks Calhoun, Jumpin’ Johnny, Cap’t Lou Albano and many more. A favorite of mine was the film Bill would run of Haystacks hearing the dinner bell, in over alls with his horseshoe chain necklace running to the table for a breakfast that could feed an army. Wonder if that film still exists ? WIIC had us locked in as I always came back for Chiller Theater. Bill was before his time with a wack pack that would rival Howard Stern’s before the world went PC stupid. Always heard that the dwarf, Stephen the Castle Prankster was quite the ladies man and was never short of dating good looking Pittsburgh babes. It was sad actually when Chiller ended in favor of Saturday Night Live. From Don Riggs morning Tarzan to wrestling and Chiller, channel 11 Saturday was my TV favorite. Only had to change the channel on Monday after school for Paul Shannon’s Adventure Time. Never did hear of any Sledge hammer deaths due to Stooges ! Ahh the good old days. Wish My memory was that good thinking about what I did or watched last week. Keep fighting Bill. You are a local legend who gave many of us great memories. Larry Gerson

  9. I am going to close the comments here and print out what is here. I will send these along to Mr. Cardille with my own letter. I encourage everyone to send cards and letters to the address in the story above.

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