Yes, we still get email around these here parts! Here are some of the things you are talking about.

Dear Pbrtv, I noticed that the WDVE-HD2 blues channel is off the air, and that a Steelers Radio Station replaced it. Do you happen to know if this change is permanent? Brandon

Hi Eric, WDVE recently discontinued its Blues Channel programming on HD2 in favor of 24/7 Steelers coverage. Do you know if they plan to bring the Blues Channel back after football season is over…or if there is the possibility that an HD3 channel can/will be opened up to carry the Blues Channel? It seems that would be fairly simple, since they already have their HD system in place, and the programming stream is already set. Several local stations transmit three or even four HD channels, so I suspect whatever issues there are (if any) about bringing the Blues Channel back are economic and not technical. Thanks, Jack Bailey

Well gentlemen, I suspect that because it’s still being advertised on the website, the all blues station will return down the line to WDVE-HD2. You know as well as I that the Steelers trump absolutely EVERYTHING in this city. But I will say confidently that the blues will return at the end of the season.

Alert reader Mark brought to our attention that Dimitri Vassilaros departed from his morning gig at a North Carolina station early last week. The righty talker – “Rush Radio” WPTI in Greensboro, decided to simulcast the morning show from sister station (also “Rush Radio”) WRDU in Raleigh. No word if Vassilaros will return to Pittsburgh. He just started the position at the beginning of 2011. 

Meanwhile, reader Jim wrote to us during the Steelers game on Thursday night wondering why Tunch Ilkin was missing from the DVE broadcast. Jim, it has been brought to our attention that Tunch is dealing with family issues right now and is unable to take time enough away from that to dedicate to broadcasting football. That was found by alert reader (another) Mark, in the Voy Forums. Incidentally, the thread that was in was about Stan Savran who apparently had a tumor removed from his brain recently. He is expected to make a full recovery and is already back at work.

Keep sending your emails!