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Mar 18 2017

Call Sign Cavalcade returns; Our pledge starts soon

Remember when we had the Call Sign Cavalcade? I pulled it down when it seemed like it would never be accurate… especially when we were relying on people to remember and guess and well, it was a ball of confusion! Recently, the FCC began digitizing the pre-1980 station records and posting them online. “Aha!” I said, “I can bring back the Call Sign Cavalcade!” It will roll out gradually.

When I started making the page late last summer, the FCC hadn’t scanned the entire AM band… just certain stations were made available. So I held off… and just mere months later, the AM side is done. So far the FCC has the FM non-comm band (88-92) available for stations pre-dating 1980. I am guessing that the rest of the dial will be done later this year. So for now, the Pittsburgh AMs are listed. I intend to work on the neighboring market pages as time allows. Doing this also helps me to update the station listings pages.

Speaking of updating listings, the Pittsburgh Station addresses have been updated too! I’m working on station listings as well.

We will be beginning the 2017 Pledge Drive very soon. I enjoy doing this site as much as I know many of you enjoy reading it! But I can’t do it without you! Please consider a pledge of support to keep us going. I’ll let you know how you can help very soon. Many of you have been generous in the past couple of years and I thank you. Stay tuned…

May 31 2016

Thank you! We’re up for another year.

It would be terrible of me not to express my sincere thanks to those who have helped to keep PBRTV alive for another year. By first name only, they are: Jim A., Robert, John, Raymond, Doug, Paul, Phil, Jim L., Jason, and John. Looking at statistics, PBRTV is popular with the male gender and particularly with guys whose names begin with “J”. 🙂 We raised a total of $230.00 which is great and was enough to cover one year of webhosting and a year of domain hosting. Thank you all!

May 08 2016

2016 “Pledge Drive”

It’s time once again for the PBRTV Pledge Drive for 2016. Our goal again is $500.00 which would cover webhosting for at least 1 year plus a little bit more.

To put this in perspective, last year we managed to raise $285.00 of the $500.00 goal. With the fees associated with GoFundMe PBRTV was able to cover 1 year of webhosting. While we would like to cover three years worth of hosting (which runs nearly $400.00) and not have to bother you again until 2019, it seemed silly to raise the goal when it wasn’t met last year.  Our goal is to raise enough to fund one year at minimum; two years at the most.

Of course we’ll accept donations of any size and it will be used accordingly even if it only covers one year’s worth of hosting!

Our target date to complete the fund drive is: May 28, 2016.

PBRTV has been a part of the community since 1998. When I started this site, I never would have guessed it would have lasted this long. But it’s a labor of love that I continue to enjoy bringing to you. Will you please consider a donation this year?

Thank you for helping to keep this site going!

Jan 07 2016

Guest spot

Eric O’Brien was a guest on today’s DimitriRadio Podcast with Dimitri Vassilaros . Tune in HERE and if you’re not into the politics, our segment begins at 1:28:54 (that’s one hour and 28 minutes in…)

May 18 2015

A word of thanks

Although I will keep the donation box to the left up through Wednesday night – May 20 (and you are still welcome to contribute), I must call an end to the drive to raise funds for the major expense PBRTV has – webhosting. We only reached 49% of our goal of $500 which means we will be doing another fundraiser for 2016 either later this year or in early 2016.

Thank you to the 15 contributors – Jason, Bob, Dave, Paul, Doug, Brendan, Francis, Reed, Mike, Devin, Anthony, Phil, Ronald, John, and Philip – for their support over the last several weeks.

As I said, the donation box (either above or in the left margin) will remain in place through Wednesday for those last minute donations.

Thanks to everyone for your support!

Eric O’Brien

May 03 2015

31% raised… drive extended to May 15

The PBRTV Pledge Drive has been extended to May 15 to give everyone who wants to help a chance to help. We are at 31% thanks to the 10 wonderful contributors who have gotten us there so far. Illness and other business has kept us from constantly hounding our readers to contribute. But we have faith in our readers! Please consider a small contribution to help PBRTV cover its webhosting for the next three years. Click the link below to contribute. Not comfortable with using GoFundMe? E-mail us for alternative options!

Thank you for your support!

Apr 12 2015

Pledge Break Update…

We’ve been holding a “pledge drive” for the last few weeks to raise funds for PBRTV’s webhosting. Our goal is set at $500 to cover the webhosting for the next three years. To date, we have raised $125 and we’ve been holding there for at least a week. (We’ve been busy with other projects and activities lately.)

Just the other day, we received this comment on one of our recent pledge posts:

I think the pledge break is a good idea, when many of the other radio sites seem to exist as billboards for ads, and don’t even post articles of their own, the listeners do it.

Here we have a long-time site with a focus on local Pittsburgh broadcasting and its history, with a ‘newsy’ presentation. I like it that way and think that’s something worth supporting.


Won’t you please join Boomer in supporting PBRTV? Click the link (either to the left or below) to go to our Go Fund Me page. It’s simple and secure!

Mar 27 2015

PBRTV Pledge Break

And now a word from our “President and CEO”…

Jul 31 2013

Site changes

Post Office Box Closed

After maintaining a PO Box for two years, I have decided that the time has come to close it. I had opened it up for a project which never materialized and is never going to. And over the last two years there were three (okay, maybe four) pieces of mail worth keeping while I mostly received constant ads from Comcast Business Class. (Here’s a helpful hint from Eric: The rising costs for cable could be diminished if they didn’t send so much junk mail!) Certainly not worth the $80.00 a year. Therefore I’ve decided that it is unnecessary to maintain one. If there is something that you need to send via “snail mail,” please e-mail me for an address.

Speaking of things you could have potentially snail-mailed to me…

You may have noticed that the Photo Gallery page has been moved to the main menu up above. (Go ahead, I’ll wait…) The good news is, we have lots of pictures to post. The bad news is, they’re all in YOUR collections! So get your photo albums out and scan those pics! Join the ranks of people like Dave James, Doug Goffus, and Ed Vance with your photos on PBRTV!

May 29 2013

Legacy posts

It’s been nearly a year since PBRTV was converted to this new blog format from the old blog format which was, well, OLD. But we were able to convert the posts from the old blog to the new blog. It wasn’t too tedious, but it wasn’t easy either. Since June 12, 2012, you’ve been able to see these stories just the same, but if the story was accompanied by a picture, you just saw a little “broken link” icon in its place. Likewise, if you left a comment about a story back then, those comments did not convert and are therefore lost in the ether. (If you really want to find them again, try your luck with the Wayback Machine from ( And good luck because it may or may not be there! Oh and if you want to go back to 1998, remember we were a part of DCRTV and then in late 1999 we became!!)

Anyhow, after converting to this blog format, it took me some time before I realized that all of the pictures from those old stories had been downloaded to my computer desktop into a folder of their own. Nobody told me, and I just happened to find it one day. I was thrilled and knew that in time I could begin the task of rejoining those photos with their stories. (Incidentally, most of those stories and photos were supplied by Jason Togyer who did a lot of writing — and many other things — for PBRTV back in dem dere days.)

Well, some months ago, after discovering the photos were there, I decided that I needed to back up some files on the computer and began doing so. Good thing I did because the first part of April, that computer hard drive hit the big fan and hasn’t booted since. I did lose some things, but couldn’t remember if I had gotten around to saving that folder of photos. Crushed at first, I simply moved on and thought, “well, that’s one less thing I have to worry about!” Until yesterday.

I discovered that I, in fact, had saved that folder to a flash drive and I have begun the process of restoring those pictures with their rightful stories. This will be a tedious task because while most of the pictures have some sort of indication as to when they were published, not everyone of them does. So through a process of elimination (and perhaps use of the Wayback Machine) I should be able to get the majority of photos restored. Don’t expect it to be a fast process though. I have no intention of making it a priority.

Now I’m sure you’re asking two very important questions:

1. What is a “legacy post” on PBRTV? A legacy post is just about every post after a while. Some of the stories we’ve covered or posted since the 2007 conversion to the blog format can no longer be considered accurate information.

2. Why do I care? Unbeknownst to you, dear reader, I can see what you’re looking at on my site! I can even see what search phrases have been used to bring you here. (In fact, I have seen many people inquire of Google and other such sites if a certain local news anchor is pregnant. And when they click enter they are taken to a story from a few years back when she gave birth to twins.) So I know that those stories, despite being past their due date, are still being read. (Disclaimer: No, we cannot see each individual reader’s searches… just what is “trending”. Your privacy has not been nor will be revealed.)

New Logo

Anyone interested in designing a new logo for PBRTV? You won’t receive any compensation, which probably means you won’t read any further. But if you are interested, drop me a line – info (at) pbrtv (dot) com for more details!

And speaking of typing e-mail addresses that way, if you’re e-mailing (AKA SPAMMING) me with messages about being from an SEO company or whatever the heck it is, please give up! I’m not going to buy into that crap!

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