93.7 KDKAWe’re hearing word that CBS Radio Pittsburgh has completed another round of personnel cuts at Foster Plaza. Bob Smizik reports that Paul Alexander is out as one of the morning show hosts on KDKA-FM’s (93.7) “The Fan Morning Show”. Vinnie Richichi is also out leaving Ron Cook to host middays.

PBRTV also heard that KDKA-AM (1020) reporter Adam Kirk is out as well.

The cuts took place on Monday.

5 thoughts on “CBS cleans house

  1. Oh, sure, remove the morning show co-host who has been in the market for more than a dozen years and leave in the guy who brainchilded the bigoted excercise a.k.a. “Bad Music Fridays.” Smart, brains.

  2. I’m gonna miss Vinnie during my lunch breaks. The Vinnie and Cook show was a good show. Somehow that New York accent sounded good in Pittsburgh.

    Take care paison,


  3. To me the fighting they did just didn’t make good radio. I just feel like Cook is out of his element there. He’s abrasive and is better suited to writing his opinion and not arguing with people.

    But I haven’t really liked any of the shows on there and prefer to listen to the local guys on 970 via I Hear Radio.

    The afternoon drive just drove me batty! Maybe its just me but I couldn’t listen for more than a few minutes! LOL!

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