CBSeyeWe understand that last Friday was the day for the blood-letting at CBS Pittsburgh which did not escape the national edict.. Gone from WDSY (107.9) is Jimmy Roach making Monty a solo act. Roach returned to Y108 three years ago after several years at Froggy. From sister station WBZZ (100.7) are long-timer Scott Alexander and evening host Lindsay who had been on the air less than a year.

In related news, former B-94 jock John Summers has been let go from his Westwood One voice-tracking duties in Cumulus’ own major employment blow out this week. Summers has been heard lately on Forever’s Pickle oldies stations in the area.

5 thoughts on “CBS Cuts DID affect Pittsburgh

    1. Yes Dimitri, about 7 years ago. In the short term, they are decreasing their expenses to gain profit, but in the long term they’re cutting their own throats.

  1. @ Dimitri Vassilaros – IMHO radio effectively died on February 8, 1996 when President Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which allowed the corporate spectrum hogs to suck up hundreds of radio stations many in the same city of license… I miss the old 7/7/7 law (7 AM/7 FM/7 TV).

  2. Richard is right about the Telecommunications Act of 1996. I have no idea what Clinton was thinking when he allowed the bill to become law but a lot of bad things — not the least of which included the dumbing down of album rock radio — occurred when 7/7/7 law was no longer in effect.

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