Terry Hazlett of the Observer-Reporter throws one hard and inside at the management of the revived “B-94” WBZW-FM (93.7).

“Without virtually any promotion, B-94 (WBZW) took an almost two-point leap in the ratings after switching from ‘The Man Station’ to a top 40 format,” he writes. “That ‘cheep-cheep’ you hear is CBS Radio, which three months into the format change, still hasn’t hired a mid-day or overnight disc jockey, and didn’t have a morning team in place until mid-January.”

‘Strue, though.

And as Hazlett notes, the “cheep, cheep” birds are also singing up at the flashcube in Green Tree, headquarters of Clear Channel Pittsburgh:

“You may have noticed 3WS has lengthened the shifts of its disc jockeys — Sherri Van Dyke and Mike Fraser are now covering the 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. hours, although it’s not clear if all of those hours are live broadcasts. Unfortunately, that’s indicative of radio’s cost-cutting trends across the country. Fewer disc jockeys over longer periods of time may save a little money, but it certainly doesn’t help with maintaining a high-energy level.”