Update, 5:35 p.m.: Informed sources confirm to PBRTV.com that CBS-TV has reversed its decision to cancel the drama “Jericho.” The show is scheduled to return for an eight-episode run, and all of the original episodes will be re-run to gauge fan interest. Further updates when they warrant.

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Yes, yes, we saw … that’s PBRTV.com friend and “Pittsburgh’s own” Clarke Ingram being quoted in national coverage about fans’ attempts to save the canceled CBS-TV drama “Jericho.” Rumor has it that CBS is going to bring back the show for an eight-episode midseason run, with an option to add more if the ratings are there. (Shades of 1968’s “Save Star Trek” campaign!)

Aaron Barnhart of the Kansas City Star and TVBarn.com is “amazed”: “This has never happened in the Leslie Moonves regime. Of course, technically it’s Tassler running the show these days. We just always assumed Moonves had the ultimate power to doom or save a show … I’ve never been happier to be dead wrong.”

If the rumors are true, says James Poniewozik of Time magazine, it’s a fair deal for “Jericho” fans. “It’s not what Lost is getting, but neither are the ratings or revenues,” he says. “The show would at least have a chance to prove itself, and the fans, the chance to prove that the show can be worth CBS’ investment. To which end, you might want to rush out and buy the Jericho first-season DVD when it becomes available.”

And if you have any leftover peanuts, throw ’em our way. (Is it dinnertime yet?)