Contract talks “going south” are not uncommon. That’s reportedly the reason why the Quinn & Rose Morning Show is no longer on WPGB-FM (104.7). Many listeners here in Pittsburgh and in the markets where the programs were syndicated via Clear Channel, woke up this morning surprised by the move. Apparently some of the affiliates were just as surprised as the listeners! So what’s next? Stay tuned. I wouldn’t be surprised if Quinn decides to use as his broadcast outlet thereby making the program a web-only program. But that’s purely speculation. Meanwhile the Bloomdaddy show from Wheeling’s WWVA-AM (1170) was being aired in place of Quinn & Rose.

Meanwhile, those eager for Christmas music will be pleased to know that WSHH (99.7) and WWSW (94.5) have both flipped to their Christmas formats as of this morning. We kind of figured that while the stations would wait until the week of Pittsburgh’s Light-Up Night, we didn’t think it would be this early!

4 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes…

  1. I’d guess “going south” is this case means they want Clear Channel to continue to pay them and Clear Channel don’t want to continue paying them. I think their next gig is going to include a street corner, a Mr Microphone and a donation bucket. As for 104.7, they’ll be stunting by mid December.

  2. Bloomdaddy was straw that broke the back. He seems nothing more than your typical morning drive show where a bunch of non DJs just make small talk. Cleared all 4 CCM stations that I had as presets on the cars radio last night. On the bright side, I finally have an excuse to buy an mp3 player to put in the car now.
    The only thing CCM has left going for them in Pittsburgh is Steelers and Penguins games.

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