Seems that we missed the fact that Keymarket turned in the license for 940 AM in Charleroi recently. The station had been on the air since 1947 and was joined by 98.3 FM in the 1960s. Both stations used the calls WESA (which are now being used on 90.5 in Pittsburgh). 98.3 was moved to Duquesne turning it into a “Pittsburgh station” in 2000. Although some would say that Charleroi lost it’s radio identity several years ago, it now has no presence on the dial.

2 thoughts on “Charleroi loses radio identity for good

  1. Keymarket actually requested cancelation of the license in November of 2012. They were silent for more than six months already since then. It was set to expire this past August, but all that’s been immaterial because according to Lynn Deppen, they said they were surrendering the license and that it would not return to the air in the future.

    Another noteworthy thing…Lynn Deppen requested cancelation of WASP’s license in July of 2012, less than a month after it went silent for the final time. The month before that, the old WCVI in Connellsville also gave up the ghost in writing.

    I guess 2012 was the year that Keymarket gave up on local radio in the Mon Valley. It’s a sad thing, but as much as I hate to admit it, it is all for the best, as these communities are still getting service through other media, albeit in a secondary role.

    1. Well then it seems to me we missed this one. I have found my report on all of the others and WFGI-AM was not one of them. Oh well, even the best of editors (which I am far from as many have pointed out in the past) miss things.

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